Monday, July 13, 2015

Vitnam, Barry, an inevitable succession?

Lies were told by the liberals:  cowards and fools,

To the college-age kids—the usual tools.

The media lied as accustomed they are,

Old fat lying Walter, the media’s beloved star,

Who had a moustache, a sign of deep knowledge

To all the spoiled brats safely ensconced in college.

On the idiot box screen solemn and grave,

Bad news of the war each evening he gave.

The American public, all the fat motherfuckers

Sat stupid and bland, all the ignorant suckers

Attentive to Walter, they hung on each word

As the prompter rolled out the message—absurd.

We were winning the conflict, Rick Allen and I,

And all the young men who were willing to try

To fight communists, gooners, who were willing to die,

Like all the young Germans, Italians, and Japs,

Young men not heroes, but really just…saps,

All cannon fodder from the three Axis nations

That some college kids’ fathers, the best generation

Slew in great numbers, every war’s end game

Those of us in the Nam had the very same aim, 

But the liberals, the hippies, all irrelevant trash

All busy with Mary Jane, acid and hash,

Couldn’t let a mere war interfere with their pleasure,

Their communes, and Woodstock, and indolent leisure.

So they gathered in masses with the dim college trolls,

Burning their draft cards, and voting in polls

To end the war that our gallant young manhood

Had basically won with their guts and their blood

But old Walter read message that the gooners were winners,

And America lost interest and went back to their dinners

While the vets came back home to hate and abusers

To the lie that we’d lost and were druggies and losers.

Our leader had promised the country we had fought for

That we’d provide the air power; so, they could win their own war,

And we had trained them up well and killed most of their foe,

We left them ready to fight when we had to go.

They could likely have won and maintained their freedom,

But the fools and the cowards in Congress betrayed them

Denying support that we had promised we’d send

The commie’s big general said the gooners’ war had to end,

That his army was on its last legs and they’ have to give in.

The American people sat on their couches, dumb and dim

Lied to by old Walter:  the war we had lost, foretold by him.

We’d lost our first war and our great nation no longer

Was the force in the world to keep freedom stronger,

Keeping tyrants and terrorists at bay, under cover

So that all the world’s nations could new freedom discover.

And the haters of liberty, communists in our nation dear

Gained power to elect a foreigner, an enemy, a queer

Who was set up by occult forces to enforce our decline

And allow our own communists to end us in short time.

Now the public is aroused, divided, invaded, and angry

At alien illegals from south and hordes of muslim enemy

Can we replace the betrayers with an American faction

Who will undo all of the destructive criminal action

Of the ringer who’s part black which scares everyone

From reversing the damage and destruction he’s done.

Or will our people blindly embrace our downfall

As droves walk quietly by to stare at the wall.

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