Monday, January 31, 2011

Maybe it is time to Trump China and the primitive raghead countries.

Donald Trump--President? Maybe so. He has enough spine to call obongo stupid, which is obvious. Trump realizes that obongo has sold us down the river economically. Trump doesn't seem to harbor any freaky religious problems like Romney--would be hard for anyone to vote for a Mormon if they took a minute to think about it; it would be like voting for a Scientologist. People with freaky religious problems don't have all of their cards straight. Trump is tough-minded, not the weak fungus brain that obongo is. We need a strong leader which Trump would undoubtedly be. Liberals are such cowardly morally rotten garbage that they cannot understand the need for strength in a hostile world and would bend over for the vulgar countries which would gleefully rape them. We need to force liberals back into the closet with the homos whom they so love. If it is sick and twisted liberals are right there.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ellen and Elton: flaming faggots beloved by the mindless

So now a little faggot loving jerk-off named Jenn Hudd has created a furor over the Arkansas supermarket's covering up of the US magazine cover showing good old flaming hamster packer Elton John and his asshole buddy(pun intended), and their newborn boy. How twisted has this world become that it is acceptable for two perverts to bring a little one into their home so that they have a live-in victim for their homosexual pederast attacks on an innocent and defenseless little child. This useless creep airhead Hudd gets her fifteen minutes of fame. Isn't that cozy? Sasha Cohen's brilliant Bruno should be mandatory teaching material for kids in about the eighth grade so that they harbor no illusions about how sick and twisted faggots are. Said it before and I'll say it again, the rectum is not a sex organ. No child was ever conceived after one faggot humps another faggots ass. Women, if you can choke back the urge to hurl, like sicko Ellen Degenerate who are not much more woman than Elton is a man are nonpenetrating and just pathetic. Oh, yeah,they have babies after artificial insemination just like the prize cows that we artificially inseminated in Animal Husbandry when I was enrolled in the School of Agriculture at the University of Georgia years ago. Man that is a real different take on normalcy. We would probably be up to the shoulder with Ellen, just like with the cows.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Are you really, truly that stupid?

So you had time to waste thus you watched the little petty nothing from Kenya mouth his platitudes with his big mambo lips spewing forth his usual lies. Are you stupid? So-called pundits and commentators speculated that obongo was moving towards center as bignose Bill did. obongo is not as intelligent as Clinton. In fact he is not intelligent, period. All of his faux education(which he has hidden from open evaluation) is just like everything else about him including his place of birth--lies. obongo is just a little second rater who should be cleaning urinals at a Greyhound station. It is pretty sickening to watch all the so-called conservatives doing their little song and dance in their leiderhosen and wanting to sit with the queers and commies and all the other freaks in the democrat ranks. Tea Party, we have got to keep trying; we have got to send some people with balls to Congress to tell the democrats to go back in their holes or we'll treat them like any other varmints(figuratively speaking of course). obongo isn't going to change any more than his asshole buddy kim jong ill is. obongo is filth, human ordure, and he will lie like a rug, just like little Jimmy Carter and all the other democrats, but he is bent on destruction of our country and we need to expect nothing more from the dirty mus creep. What we need from obongo is what old obese dirty Ted Kennedy finally gave us.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mannerless mus must burn!!!!

The fat pig mus in Brooklyn stabbed his wife forty something times(I guess liberals would say it is Lizzie Borden's fault--they always have to blame someone). Then the gutless greasy pig mus beheaded the woman, apparently while she was still concious, so violently that tiles on the floor were damaged by his knife. Second degree murder? Why do liberals suck up to mus? Because liberals adore evil of any description or dimension, that is why. They don't just think differently, they are evil. obongo of course sets the tone for the justice department with his little affirmative action Mattel Attorney General, Erich, the pink, Holder. So this cowardly brutal pig mus is charged with second degree murder. I say burn, baby, burn!
Does anyone see a trend here? Another cowardly greasy mus pig killed his daughter out in Arizona. Another "honor killing." I guess she refused to wear a tent to school. Burn, baby, burn. Time to teach these primitive ignorant pig mus some manners.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

As Dr. Sowell sometimes writes: random thoughts.

There is an interview in the weekend edition of WSJ with one of my modern day heroes: Professor Walter Williams. I just finished reading his little uplifting autobiography, "Up From The Projects." I actually learned of the recent release of Professor Williams' book in a column by a second of my modern heroes: Dr. Thomas Sowell. These two men are economists; so, is Thomas DiLorenzo from the University of Maryland who has cleanly debunked the myth of Lincoln in "Lincoln Unmasked" and "The Real Lincoln." Amity Schlaes wrote "The Forgotten Man" which very respectfully removes the cloud of admiration and cultish devotion from one of the most disgusting arrogant elitist freaks in American history: Franklin Delano Roosevelt. This crippled little liberal scumbag prolonged the depression of the '30's by a decade. He is of course adored by the slime I have previously mentioned: mindless blacks, and the self-adoring braindead who believe what they are taught in school and can learn nothing more: liberals. That is somewhat a paradox since in this day many "students" learn nothing. Blacks talk and act out in class while teachers bite their tongues to keep from being castigated as "racists." That is one reason that blacks don't advance beyond the welfare lines. Oh, yeah, they are admitted to colleges with their substandard gpa's and many are passed there also, but eventually someone says, "nigger, you don't have any clothes on. Go see if McDonald's is hiring." Yep, I like nigger as a description of a certain low-life type of person with his pants down below his ass-cheeks and his huge baggy T-shirts and oversized Michael Jordan overpriced atheletic shoes, looking for hubcaps to steal. Cops say it is easier to catch these jerks since it is hard to run while holding up your pants with one hand. John Riley said in an Esquire article that we have to get rid of the niggahs. I read Twain and learned niggers. I wrote Professor Williams and Dr. Sowell and asked them why blacks don't seem to be able to grow up. I believe that they are right when they say that liberals have enslaved blacks within the culture of victimization and entitlements as so readily demonstrated by the pathetic little affirmative action Harvard teacher who decided to big-time it with the police. He is so insignificant that I cannot remember his name. Friend of obongo--another little affirmative action nigger. Half-nigger. I guess obongo demonstrates the opposite of what Dr. Sowell and Professor Williams tell blacks: get a reality check and make something of yourself through effort of your own instead of looking for a handout from obongo's "stash." ogongo became president without ever accomplishing one single thing. Amity Shlaes is an economist. Perhaps the two hundred economists who signed a petition to repeal obongocare may exert some influence. They say it clearly is a disaster. I knew that.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cleanup crews must rid the halls of Congress of democrat slime.

Our Republican Representatives(and a couple of Democrats) did what we sent them to Congress to do and voted to repeal obongocare. The hideously constipated and unread creation of the communists and the community organizer from Kenya in our government must go. Some recent polls(almost certainly controlled by liberals and slanted to their tale) show that popular resistance to obongocare and desire for it to be gone has diminished. Liberals make certain that any polls they can control tell only their desired message. Anyone with a brain(liberals of course thus excluded) can tell even if only on a gut level that obongocare is a disaster for everyone and is merely another mechanism for transformation of our great nation into a third world stinkhole like Russia or China run by a central committee where everyone gets the same crappy medical care, except of course the governing elite who are exempt, and their minions in labor unions, and their friends and families, et al, et al. obongocare is a disaster for all of those of us who work to support all of the freeloaders on Medicaid, and Medicare, and Social Security--yes freeloaders because those of us who work hard and make a good living support those with less ability or desire through the ponzi schemes which all of the government social welfare income redistribution scams truly are. obongocare is also bad for the old who will be told that it is more expedient to let them die than prolong their lives. obongocare is bad for the young since it will add to all of the unfunded entitlement programs that they will end up paying for. obongocare is hideous for everyone except the democrats who rammed it down our throats(or in barney frank's case maybe up the other way) since they and their buddies have all been exempted from it and have their own extraordinary medical plans. obongocare, like obongo and mate, and boxer, and shumer, and frank, and waters, and pelosi, and reid, and all of the other slime snarfing at the public trough must go!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tales told by idiots.

The Patriot Post, Canada Free Press, NRO bloggers, and other "Conservative" on-line political websites profess to stand for freedom: freedom of speech first and foremost. Yet, they do not post comments that do not fit their little tight-assed standards. They pretend to be bold and patriotically honest, but they fear to post criticism of mus, murderous ignorant primitive hard-wired stupid mus. They quiver in their boots when some superlefty freak like little squat ugly Barbara Boxer threatens them. They are timid, shadows of freedom lovers. They have never faced a real enemy directly and intimately involved with intent to kill them. They are merely typists. They mouth pablum version of what true Patriots express clearly and without any politically correct overlay. You have to read Professor Walter Williams, Dr. Thomas Sowell, and Michelle Malkin to hear truth without cowardly varnish.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Blacks and liberals--do not denigrate their faux heroes.

Why is it that many blacks are so quick to take offense? Have they learned this from liberals? I think so. I believe that Prof. Walter Williams and Dr.Thomas Sowell have addressed this in discussion. For the same reason that they would vote for obongo in droves even though his policies do not benefit them except for the immediate gratification of getting something free, taken from someone else who earned it. obongo has decreased the opportunity for blacks to have jobs; he has truly done little to forward any opportunities for them. Blacks just seem to be stuck in an envious "somebody owes me something" frame of mind. They think obongo "got a stash" from which he will give them freebies. Liberals foster this as they do the adoration of Martin Luther King. As with all liberal heroes MLK was not a particularly admirable man: he was a communist and an agitator who hurt our efforts to save South Vietnam from communism. He was investigated by the FBI for his communist activity. He also was a philanderer. I clearly remember when I was in college at the University of Georgia good old Martin was all over a very lovely light-skinned young lady and Coretta was headed for the scrap heap. This is history which blacks and liberals do not like; so they get quite agitated when it is spoken. They like history to be rewritten like their version of Mr. Lincoln's War which they like to portray as being all about slavery when Lincoln just wanted blacks put on ships and sent off somewhere. He thought them inferior and frankly did not like them. Now blacks are offended because a radio commentator is mentioning the truth about Martin Luther King whom we are told must be regarded like a Saint and cannot be disparaged. He was not so great a man, and his one little speech was not great, it is just that a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth, at least to blacks and liberals.

The hypocrisy of liberals knows no bounds

This is not from a liberal, so it is not crass, just true.  I am sick of hearing of every breath and movement of Representative Giffords.  She is a democrat, so we hear of every insignificant detail of her most welcome recovery.  We hear little of the suffering of the others who were wounded with her nor the tragedy of the deaths of others, including the innocent little girl.  Nor do we hear of the deaths of the great Americans who die almost daily in god-forsaken( please permit me the use of the description though I harbor no religious illusions)Afghanistan.  The hypocrisy of liberals knows no bounds.  There is no concept of decency in the liberal mind:  from the pathetic cheerleader photo opportunity of obongo, to the instantaneous flock of gun control vultures to this and any tragedy.  I wish Representative Giffords an early and total recovery.  I would like to trip the lever to hang Loughner.  I don't care that he is deranged--the deranged hang as well as those who are not.  The media will not let us have a peaceful moment as long as he is on trial or incarcerated.  He needs to swing quickly and quietly.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Apathy must be foreseen and avoided.

The average person is busy with everyday affairs like trying not to miss a single episode of American Idol.  Most of those in the TeaParty are less likely to drop the ball on the gains made in the midterm elections, but the hoi poloi cannot be trusted to use reason:  they elected obongo.  We must get obongo--Mr Hanky's brother who was born in a dirty hut in Kenya--out of our White House;  hopefully he will then return to his native Africa and spend his remaining days staring into a mirror asking who is the greatest of all and mouthing with his big mambo lips like lil Jimmie Carter to mindless adoring journalists while his mate works on having the largest ass on the dark continent.  To truly bury the liberals and turn this country around we will of necessity elect a smart Conservative President, someone like Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann.  The task will be to make the huge number of takers who suck from the government teat realize that it is in their best interests also to return this country to a Constitutional basis with no further fungi like Sotomayor and Kagan appointed by a pretender like obongo.  Dislodging the leeches will take diligence and continuous effort.  Dismantling the unions will then be a first order priority to even the playing field and give everyone more opportunity, particularly teachers unions since the government education system is the main platform for the socialists to operate from.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Self-involved "Believers."

Do all of you who proudly say, "let's bow our heads and pray," ever stop to think that there are a whole lot of us who don't see any rational reason to bow our heads and pray to any of your  superstitious "gods?"  There are increasing numbers of us who are not burdened with any form of supernatural mysticism, so bowing our heads and mouthing age-old incantations is boring and irrelevant.  You can at least recognize that in the Western world, many of us have grown up.  We have with great effort purged the effects of brain-washing since birth or had the good fortune to have parents who did not brainwash us in the first place.  Go ahead with your mindless primitive ritual, but do not expect us to do more than maintain our silent respect for your foolish banal timewasting bullshit.  Also, have some respect for our disdain of your Easter Bunny worship.  We tolerate your insanity;  afford us the same respect and tolerance.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Shut the heck up, Conservatives! obongo is merely an organ grinder's monkey.

Even many usually reliable commentators are mouthing about obongo's little inappropriate cheerleader practice in Arizona to showcase his big mambo lips rather than commemorate the tragic loss of many innocent lives at the hands of a liberal Marxist freak.  Conversely many of the same are joining the liberal shrill about Sarah Palin's widely watched video comments which in my humble, but Mensa-backed opinion, were truly Presidential in tone and delivery.  I have wavered in my estimation of her worthiness to govern our nation, but when I watch her, I see someone who comes across as genuine, articulate, intelligent, attractive, and strong:  all of the qualities which obongo lacks in spades.  Can she govern us well and return us to the preobongo greatness which we enjoyed for over two hundred years before the American Idol and Piff Dippy groupies voted in the ringer from Kenya?  She did right well for the great state of Alaska:  she is smart and will surround herself with competent advisers instead of a cadre of Stalin and Che adoring overage adolescents.  Oh, and the part-time high school wrestling coach from up north who wants to kick obongo's ass:  BRAVO!  My money is on him.

Liberals predictably use the tragedy in Arizona to further their vile agenda

Braindead liberals are predictably calling for government intervention(laws) to prevent inflammatory speech; of course they think they should be the ones who decide what is inflammatory and what is not.  Old senile Lincoln Chafee has already shot himself in the foot with a flawed plan.  Their not too subtle agenda is obviously to gag any Conservative speaker.  Researchers at the University of Nebraska have determined that there is a very real and significant difference between liberals and Conservatives:  the difference is that Conservatives can think while liberals mostly just band together like any pack animal or insect and react.  There is a place for liberals, but like convicted criminals they should be carefully sequestered and monitored by polite society.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Get some backbone Conservatives

Conservatives, except for Ann Coulter whom I admire for it, are quick to apologize when they make a true statement that liberals don't like.  Now that obongo has gone to Arizona, all of the Conservative pundits are obsequiously singing his praises.  Here is the fact:  obongo does nothing for anyone else.  He is the most totally self-serving heel ever imagined.  He went to Arizona not because he gave the least thought for the victims and their families;  obongo went to Arizona to gain political capital.  He read a preconceived speech written by one of his crafty lefty swine subordinates from his teleprompter.  His only thought was for personal gain.  He is still the most scummy scumbag who ever lived.

Had one individual in the group been armed and trained: far fewer innocents dead.

What makes liberals like sheriff Dumbstick so dense that they cannot understand what is easily understood by any six year old?  Had my lovely wife or daughter or I been in the crowd in Arizona, and Loughner not been lucky enough to get us with his first shot, only two innocents would have been shot instead of twenty.  We all are armed(all the time) and trained(at Front Sight) and Loughner would be dead instead of twenty people shot.  Liberals are generally cowards who want someone else to protect them.  Well, we would.  We are intelligent law-abiding responsible armed Americans who know that cops appear in minutes when seconds count.  Guns save lives.