Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hurry, Cain

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that we absolutely must rid ourselves of the pestilence we brought on ourselves which calls itself obongo.  The mindless Dancing With the Stars watchers along with the devotees of the mindless moronic "reality" shows which putrefy the videowaves voted for obongo because they thought he was cute and "articulate."  Many of them are the same ones who wear Che T-shirts without the remotest understanding that they are lauding a depraved murderer, and of course along with the numerous street people, homeless vagrants and various braindead liberals they are the "occupiers" defacing and defecating in lovely parks in many major cities.  These and others with perhaps more debased and anti-American motives make up the losers who voted into the office of Presidency of our country an amoral, muslim, pathologically self-loving, America hating sociopath who with his equally America hating simian mate are now defiling our nation's White House.  Should the good people of this country not turn out in droves, thereby allowing the orcs who follow obongo--the welfare trash who parasitically live on the lifeblood of the good people who work and support themselves and love this country, the garbage of Mexican society who cross our southern borders and also suck up the infrastructure of this nation with their rat-bred spawn, and the niggers who aspire to live and eat free instead of taking advantage of the opportunities that all of the good people of darker skin color have available provided by the white people who for the last fifty years or more have been generous enough to work hard and provide the opportunities for everyone, to be bused from their free public housing in huge numbers to the polls while all of the union hogs and the rest of the free-loading increasingly expanding population of government slaves is provided time off from their in very many cases useless jobs or just aimless and criminal activity between welfare checks to vote for the vilest creature of liberal fabrication to continue to drive our Republic into the dirt.  Hurry, Cain.  We need a strong wind to clean out the liberal refuse from our Capital.  Hurry, Cain:  we need a return to the land of equal opportunity free of the parasitic takers to allow everyone to prosper.  It will take a hurricane of Conservative effort to free us of the vermin who never cease to want and whose wants only increase and expand.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Jews, play stupid games. Jews, that's why they're lame."

One of my best friends in high school was Jewish--about as Jewish as I was Christian.  His dad could be described as a typical New York Jew:  loud, pushy, and obnoxious.  Bill was just a great guy though.  The ones with the stupid hats and bad haircuts are a mystery to me;  wearing a black overcoat in hot weather doesn't demonstrate too much G2.  Some of their celebrations seem very stupid:  celebrating enough lamp oil?  Sweet.  Unlike islam and mormonism, at least their prophet was not a loser pederast who invented the religion so he could get lots of little preteen girls.  Mo-hammed and Joe Smith were just plain pervs.  Losers.  Who is the Jews' prophet anyhow?  I would admire them a lot more if they had fought the Romans to the death instead of throwing their kids off the cliff and jumping behind them.  Jews did right well against the Germs in the ghetto.  Yeah, I think all the Germs knew what was going on.  I hold them responsible as a nation.  I don't like them.  How could you wholesale kill people just for bad haircuts and stupid black hats?  I'd have enjoyed killing Germs.  Audie Murphy was the MAN!  I would never buy a damn Germ car.  Seems like all the niggers drive Mercedes or BMW's these days.  See, I have self-worth;  I drive a Bimmer!  I admire Israel and the Israelis.  They have humiliated the ragheads each time the rags acted out.  Check out the number of Jews who were awarded Nobel Prizes before the prize became a joke and was awarded to Yessir Iarefat and little Jimmie Carter and Algore and obongo.  When the prize was prized there were a hundred times the number of Jews who won Nobel Prizes than ragheads.  American Jews voted wholesale for obongo.  Doesn't demonstrate much G2--Jews play stupid games.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Nigger, Nigger, Nigger

Whoopi Goldberg, that black pundit adored by liberals says that we white people are not allowed to use the word nigger.  That is why I delight in using it.  Bring it Whoopi, I'd love to kick your fat nigger ass.  Whoopi is neither smart, entertaining, or attractive, which is why she is a liberal pundit.  There are so many funny You Tube things on the net comparing liberal women with Conservative women;  liberal women are usually butt ugly:  Maxine Waters--yeah, wigs, Nancy-skin-so-tight Pelosi, Barbara the Hag Boxer(she does look kinda like a Boxer dog, obongo's freaky Marxist trash who is so unimportant that I can't recall her name, Anita something, only that she admires Mao.  Compare these hogs to Michelle Bachman or Sarah Palin.  Liberal women are pretty much recognizable by their very thin disapproving lips.  They are literally hags.  I guess it is just difficult being a liberal--they all look sorta pained.  Nigger?  Well to me it is the jerk with his oversized pants dangling below his buttocks held up with one hand sauntering around with his stupid nigger not-a-baseball cap turned sideways.  That is a nigger.  What else would you call it?  It is the footballl player with his nasty rasta braided hair which likely harbors a large variety of six legged inhabitants.  After a hard sports activity, I could not stand not to wash my silky white guy hair.  That rasta stuff must stink.  How about the dickweeds driving around with bass thumping so loud that it irritates everyone except other niggers perhaps within blocks.  Hope it makes them deaf.  Niggers are just as obnoxious as rednecks.  Both groups choose to present themselves in as unattractive a presence as possible. Go figger.  Nigger is a good word.  It describes people who should attract disdain.  Arrogant, ignorant, know-nothing Whoopi is a nigger for sure.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Barbara Walters--enabler of Jane Fonda, like peas and carrots.

Jane Fonda shows up from time to time in some puff piece about a new book she has written or some other banal attempt at humanizing the traitorous piece of human dung.  I find Mr. Hanky much more laudable;  he brings Christmas cheer.  Jane Fonda just brings back memories of a huge number of American young men--her youngest and best sitting around discussing the sharp pointy implements or highly explosive devices that we would forcefully insert into Hanoi Jane's well worn orifices given the opportunity.  I believe any one of us would have done so had we been able to capture the trollop in country as we called the miserable little stinkhole that is Vietnam.  Many guilt-ridden cowards, liberals, attempted to denigrate the great American heroes who fought in Vietnam under much more rigorous conditions than our present day heroes endure in filthy raghead countries.  We were called names and portrayed by the liberal cowards as deranged dope-using whacked-out killers.  We were killers;  we were very effective, highly trained, highly motivated killers sent to keep the Communist North from mauling the South of Vietnam which we had pledged to protect.  Now we are doctors and lawyers and CEO's and leaders in all walks of life.  The misfit media still to this day try to give the other impression.  Things have improved:  the U.S. Army railroaded Lt. William Calley who did nothing more than wipe out a Viet Cong village.  I would have been in the thick of that killing the gooner old women with their AK-47's and the little gooner kids with their hot smoking AK-47's with which they had avidly killed good American soldiers.  The Army knuckled under to liberal cowards and sacrificed Lt. Calley who was sent to the cruddy little country of Vietnam to kill VC and NVA.  I killed a lot more of them: men, women, and children all of whom were active determined combatants.  Calley was railroaded just like a great American from the present era:  Lt.Col. retired and now U.S. Senator from Florida, Allen West.  The Army railroaded Lt. Col. West, but times are different and the cowardly liberals don't have the clout with the American people that they did in the late sixties.  Americans are ashamed for the treatment of her best and brightest who were sent to Vietnam who have never received the heartfelt apology and thanks that America owes us.  Lt. Col. West was railroaded just like Lt. William Calley was, but the liberals got away with it in the Vietnam era and could not do so now.  Jane Fonda's mere existence is proof positive of the healthy mental state of the Vietnam warriors.  We still all hate her, which she justly deserves, but we wait for just retribution for her instead of the wealth she accumulates from the thoughtless airheads who purchase her crummy products and make her very comfortable in the country which she openly reviled.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Any stupid asshole with liberal bent can rampage in the streets.

The Occupy Wallstreet trolls are the same losers that gathered in the streets on May Day when I was a kid living in Japan.  They were mainly college students who should have been in class doing something constructive, but they were the same punks out in the streets these days.  The Japanese student punks demonstrated on May Day in support of Communism, the reality of which they had no clue.  Our present day mindless student punks don't seem to really know what they are demonstrating about;  they just are for the main part spoiled brats with no clue and too much time on their hands.  If their parents made them have jobs to pay for part of their education, they would have neither the time nor energy to demonstrate.  They are the same punks who demonstrate against every war.  They were the cowards in the VietNam era who were afraid they'd be sent to fight against a determined enemy.  We no longer force these punks to fight, but they are also the trash who are now liberals(democrats) who adore obongo and want to impose more tyrannical government on us to make us join their borg.  They are very similar to the scum in Greece who don't want their government largesse reduced.  Our Occupy Wallstreet punks are the same unthinking jerks who used poverty as excuse to sack business enterprises in Merry Olde England to get free stereo gear.  They have no ideological base.  They just mouth liberal catechisms mindlessly and act ugly.  They should be thrown into prison for a few years where they can be some hardened criminal's bitch.  That might disabuse them from the idea that it is cool to rampage and destroy.