Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm obama'd out. He's like a flaming hemorrhoid.

I'm obama'd out.  He's like a flaming hemorrhoid.

The twisted sick disgusting little shallow insipid stupid affirmative action empty suit muslim foreign-born homosexual dicksucker narcissist communist infesting our White House is emblematic of all that is ugly, pernicious, small, mean, self-serving in humanity:  he is in a word the ultimate liberal.  obama and the huge sow that he inhabits our White House with must go.  He has dominated life in this country for way too long.  He is the fart in a closed room that has no outlet.  He lingers in our country befouling everything that he contacts.  He is a disease that we need to overcome and rid ourselves of.  The musli that is our journalistic cadre--the "news" commentators who adore their manufactured vision of obama need to be ignored--if we do not pay attention to them they will virtually cease to exist;  they are nothing but figments of our own imagination and if we put them out of our mind they will actually disappear. What is left of decent hard-working ethical intelligent humanity in our country needs to turn to the takers--the slaves of the liberal democrats and tell them to get jobs, that we are not going to support their lazy stupid asses any longer.  They will get no more subprime loans, food stamps, free emergency room care, free heat in the winter, free food for their spawn.  They must support themselves or just die as happens throughout the entire animal kingdom when animals do not take care of themselves.  I am tired of all of the hypocritical malaise of the liberals.  I'll take care of my family and any others in my immediate vicinity who need help.  You all do the same and we'll all be much better off.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Give Us Liberty or Give Them Death

We are weeks away from an election that will see this country go into a terrible state of decline or a recovery from the depredations of a foreigner, a ringer named Barry Sotero who was not vetted by the Republicans who betrayed their duty to protect the Constitution and their population whom they purportedly represent and allowed this sneaky corrupt communist fourth-rater to be subversively introduced into the presidential campaign running against an aged untrustworthy old fool whom no one liked or trusted.  The same mindless population of blacks, lowlife whites including liberals, college students who cannot see past their crotches, Jews who are such a hardwired group that they vote democrat regardless of how venal that pol, and any other fairly useless group of noncontributing American Idol watching takers all of whom make up about half of our present day population will have an opportunity to put this simpering queer muslim communist America-hating scumbag back in our White House.  Hopefully if the walking Soylent Green in our population succeed in reinstating the piece of walking feces named obama a good American will step forward to clean up things.  Either way, the savage subhuman element in our population will likely see an opportunity to riot and pillage as they do at any opportunity to break into liquor stores and any store selling large-screen televisions.  Since this element have usurped occupancy of our national Capital, it is likely that we will see early mass riots of these savages there and since the D.C. cops are mostly of the same complexion, they will stand impotently and watch the animals run wild as they have done in previous cities.  In case these zombies spill over into your community with their depraved criminal assaults, have your magazines filled and put two rounds center mass in each one.  Silver bullets will not be necessary, just good tactical quality personal defense rounds.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This blogging business is difficult for anyone who has a useful productive life.  Just writing something for continuity is a waste of my time as well as that of anyone who is a follower.  I have had my say about the fool on the hill--the little nappy headed Kenyan queer mus communist who occupies the venerable White House of this nation which he despises along with the huge black african savage ignorant cow with which he resides in our White House befouling it with his Africaninity.  A despicable black african cow with absolutely nothing going for her--everything that she is and enjoys is a product of affirmative action and extortion of funds from American taxpayers.  She is a vicious contemptible hater, a racist nigger who despises white people which she can never be one of and who have provided her with all of the expensive travel and clothing and entertainment for which she is not the least bit grateful.  She should be holding a "SLOW" sign at one end of a highway work zone;  that is the extent of her ability.  Her niglettes?  They will be self-involved useless elitist trash assured of their worth by the adoring liberals who would die to suck their little black toes thus demonstrating their devotion to diversity and their multiculti meaningless adulation of everything that is ugly, twisted, sick, revolting, and depraved.  The liberal:  a creation of some large land animal like a hippopotomus which blows liberals out of its bunghole after a wet fetid meal of muddy masticated cud.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A bad wind in our White House

Sometimes it just comes out of thin air, or from the deepest bowels of intellect:  obongo is a walking, talking fart.  Think about it:  no one has seen any evidence of his supposed dramatic abililties;  he has been as wishy-washy and incompetent as a subteen girl.  No one has seen his real birth certificate from Kenya.  No one has seen his transcript from kindergarten on, that is if the mus madrassas have kindergarten to begin to indoctrinate their vulgar ignorant masses.  The ephemeral bit of filth was "educated" in mus indoctrination centers for many years.  Supposedly he attended college and graduate school in the United States, but there are no transcripts, and most importantly not one single individual remembers him from school.  Not one.  He was just something that smelled bad and was otherwise not visible.  He is a fart.  He was supposedly editor of the Law Review in law school, but has anyone spoken of their days with him there?  Where are his admirable writings?  No.  His "friends", the communist swine who bombed public buildings and were involved with a gang which murdered innocent people, only remember obongo from his days as a "community organizer" aka agitator in Chicago when he suddenly appeared like a bad wind originating from some unknown bunghole.  We know a little of his mother--a radical communist slut and his father who gave him just a name:  obongo, and then did what grinning African monkeys do:  abandoned him and the trash which bore him.  Everything observable about this miasma which afflicts our great nation points to the fact that he is merely a transient bit of stink which will be borne away on a breeze:  a fart.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Perhaps It Was A Bad Idea.

Maybe it was a bad idea to free the slaves.  Certainly since the civil rights movement gave some blacks the idea that they are a special class of people with "entltlements" many things have not improved:  blacks choose to terminate with prejudice very large numbers of potential black people by their own choice of abortion;  then when unwed black mothers do give birth, the children very often have no idea who their father is since he is often a serial father with no sense of obligation and provides no role model and no support so the kid turns to crime and our prisons fill with young black men.  So many young black women have the morals of alley cats, dress like whores and are called that by black men who don't have enough self-respect to be real fathers and have no respect for the black women who act like they don't deserve it.  R-E-S-P-E-C-T--no you don't get any when you look and act like an S-L-U-T.  And liberals of course blame anyone but the guilty, calling Conservatives racists for expecting blacks who are completely cared for by the taxes paid by hard-working Conservatives who are treated with disrespect by ungrateful blacks who act like savages.  We used to call them niggers.  That is what the ones who act like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Maxine Waters--all the ones who have no class, and no character and no decency are to me:  niggers.  Barry Sotero is a nigger.  He has no class, no character, and no decency which is of course why liberals love him.  When someone who has accumulated as much wealth as Samuel L. Jackson has as an actor whose income is mostly derived from white moviegoers says he voted for Sotero simply because he is black, perhaps it was a bad idea. Anyone that stupid, that clueless, with that complete lack of understanding of what freedom and liberty mean probably belongs in chains.  What has he contributed to this nation?  Nothing.  Decent men like Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams and James David Manning and others who get it, who have a clue are so few in number and so different from all of those who exist on welfare and who occupy government jobs which they are not qualified for just because their skin is black and accept affirmative action as if it is honorable instead of seeing it as the realization that they are not competitive, substandard, losers.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Are we to soon refresh the Tree of Liberty?

How long have we been waiting to flush the filth from our government?  Since the election of the totally fraudulent bit of human feces calling himself Obama.  He is a completely empty suit.  He is a dirty joke created by socialist/Marxist enemies of our Constitutional Republic.  He has never done one useful thing in his twisted irrelevant existence:  there are no documents from his college or law school years to show that he is worthy of the slightest bit of respect.  His criminal Chicago thugs made it possible for him to become a Senator from Chicago and he did nothing except vote, "present."  He supposedly was a Constitutional scholar and teacher, but University of Chicago records prove that he was nothing more than a second-rate substitute teacher.  He was a "community organizer"--an agitator of the Saul Alinsky model seeking largesse from producers to give to nonproducers.  Why has the fact that the State of Illinois disbarred him from the practice of law not been publicized?  He lost his law license as did the ugly harridan to whom he is supposedly "married"(the Reverand James David Manning as well as others make creditable claims that Obama is queer as a three dollar bill).  The Conservative majority of decent Americans impatiently await the opportunity to use the ballot box to free our country from the usurpation of this Kenyan garbage which seeks to destroy everything our people have believed in for the two hundred plus year of our existence.  If we do not flush the walking turd from our White House along with multiple enemies in our Congress, we are almost certainly destined for a real civil war to reclaim the government which has been in the process of decline and perversion since the tyrannical freak Lincoln instigated the misnamed Civil War which was actually the War for Southern Independence.