Tuesday, December 2, 2014

There is genius to be read in thes Lines

We had a chance in 2012 to rid the nation of its greatest enemy ever.  Where were the decent white folk who could have voted out of our White House the simpering dick-sucking queer mulatto muslim scag Kenyan?  Niggers voted for him again because overall they are too stupid, childish, and subhuman to understand how good America has been to them while their simian kin suffer Ebola and Aids and every known affliction as they languish in Africa eating and fucking monkeys who carry viruses which are deadly in the semi-human primates who do absolutely nothing to advance themselves except to beg the world and expect white people to care for their every need.  The nigs, and women looking to be cared for by the government with their bastard children they are stuck with after spreading their legs for the first dirtball who would mount them then leave them with their spawn and no means to care for them.   The thousands of ugly fat white women with their nappy headed breed offspring who spread 'em for some transient nig in hopes of getting a provider.  The Jews who cannot learn despite the obvious hatred of the first monkey for their tribe. The intemperate youth with their ill-humours and hormones and lack of ability to think who are saddled with unpayable debt heaped on them by the little fag who bent over during his youth as a receptacle for old white men to get money for his insatiable desire for drugs.  Now we have another dead nigger thug shot by a cop in self-defense, just like the scumthug Trayvon.  Another dead nigger who deserved to die but whose welfare trash lowlife nigger parents want to cash in his filthy carcass like Trayvon's dirty nonworking parasite nigger parents  did so they can live in extravagant luxury and have a new Cadillac to fill with their foul nigger stink.  Even a few black people are waking up to the reality that the half-nigger full african in our White House hates all but his vile murderous mus brothers who he fills our government with and makes our Christian National Cathedral open doors to dirty mus to lay their contaminated little filthy rugs on its floor and do their dirty mus business.  What an opportunity for a good American shooter with a SAW!