Thursday, February 24, 2011

Liberals: "send us your huddled masses, yearning to eat free."

The TeaParty arose like a Phoenix from the ashes of what used to be the greatest country on earth settled by Englishmen and Germans then further augmented by waves of Poles, and Italians, and Irishmen who came and learned to speak our language: English; and they became Americans and served in our militaries and were proud and productive. We exploited blacks sold by other blacks from Africa who then were freed by the violent maurading North which invaded our South and decimated it with their indiscriminate "total war" demanded by the freaky tyrant Lincoln who would have been best killed in 1860. The blacks, despised by the North and considered secondclass citizens in the South, were segregated until the late '50's when black and white leaders worked to end the discrimination. Unfortunately liberals overreacted as is their way and instead of leveling the playing field for everyone, they made blacks feel entitled to special treatment and thus elevated some of them artificially into positions which they were completely unqualified for, especially in the artificial haven of government jobs creating an arrogant class of secondrate, slovenly bureaucrats, while at the same time providing what liberals call "social justice", just stealing from those who work and giving unearned to those who don't. While many blacks took advantage of opportunity and rose above the savagery that a great many other blacks sank to, those savages cannot even speak the language of other Americans; a huge number occupy a hugely disproportionate number of jail cells; and the largest number of black females are unwed mothers as teenagers, traipsing around dressed like tramps and enslaved to the liberals' welfare state to provide votes for the liberals. Similarly the chaotic state of Mexico has sent its lowest socioeconomic numbers in droves into our country, across our naked southern border, abetted again by liberals to add more votes for the liberal minority to strengthen their political power while the Mexican trash do not assimilate and are a vulgar underclass which sucks up our infracture while they breed like rats and add to our criminal population. Meanwhile Asians come to America, work hard, learn our language, assimilate, and through hard study and diligent effort occupy a disproportionate number of seats in our prestigious schools of higher learning and do not take much if any welfare. Asians are thus actually a group discriminated against who don't wail and shriek like blacks and demand reparation for imagined injuries.
We must at some point wake up and eliminate entitlement programs supporting freeloading parasites and allow immigration of people who will add a positive effect to our society, not the demonstrating masses yearning to eat free.
The TeaParty must replace the old fat lazy pols who hand out tax receipts to the slothful at the expense of the producers with representatives who will respect the Constitution and the will of the people who work.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Straw men of urban legend origin.

Black History Month? Black history would take only an hour or two to discuss in its entirety. Why don't we have White History Month so we can discuss the contributions to modern society from the Neolithic until now. Why don't we have Oriental History Month? All of the developments of China and Japan and the rest of the orient over five thousand years. What did blacks paint, build, discover? How long does it take to relate all of the black contribution to literature and philosophy. What about black contributions in the fields of science and medicine. Time for obongo and his type to get real and not try to make something of nothing. You cannot rewrite five thousand years of history. You can try to diminish the stature of George Washington and eliminate celebration of his birthday and substitute Martin Luther King Day, but King's contribution to this nation are paltry and miniscule in comparison. Let's celebrate the contributions of real contributors like Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams and Jesse Owens and Booker T. Washington and Martin Luther King, but his contributions are not greater than theirs. He is merely a token thrown to blacks by liberals who like to create false myths. Let's tell the truth about everything and everybody and not create these burning man urban legend type falshoods trying to make a Caesar or a Patton or a Reagan of the likes of little men like Martin Luther King and Barry Sotero.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

You think mus are nice? Read the goddamned news!

When some stinking fat mus creep isn't cutting off his wife's head or his daughter's head or planning to blow up an explosive-filled SUV in Times Square, or slaughtering umpteen innocents at one of our military bases where he has been made an officer in our Army, then he or she is insisting that they have special facilities to wash their stinking feet in the Denver Airport or attending an anti-American mus rally at one of their hideous mosks where some mus asshole cleric calls the filthy greasy mus masses to prayer over a loudspeaker interrupting the peace and quiet of the area for blocks. Mus attempt to murder cartoonists who portray their hideous pederast prophet as the stupid primitive jerk he was; mus threaten the life of an author of a totally boring book that they think insults their pedophile prophet. The only good mus is the one still in my sights after my M-4 has just discharged. Wake up America. Get your huge bloated lazy ass off your cheap Haverty sofa in your soon to be foreclosed house that those of us who work are paying for, and kick the stinking mus out of our country before you too will be down on your dirty little rug.