Sunday, October 4, 2015

Liberals Lie

One thing is for certain: no equivocation, no relativistic subterfuge from what suffices for the liberal mind--so long as liberals operate the media and have strong representation in our government, we will be lied to. That is fact. The one thing that liberals can be counted on is their lying twenty-four seven all the time. They lie. Lincoln lied about emancipation: he did not free the slaves; he declared slaves in the South to be free which was a chimera. Lincoln was a liar. He only wished to subjugate the agricultural South to the will of the mercantilist north which exploited children and women. The filthy cripple liberal Roosevelt? He knew Japan intended to attack Pearl Harbor. His absolute failure as a President was rescued from clear historical record by our necessary intervention in the Second World War. Roosevelt is responsible for the deaths of innumerable Jews as he would not allow their immigration into the U.S. American Jews are blindly stupid in their adherence to the hideous antifreedom party of the democrats. These are two obvious examples of lying liberals. Liberals lie. That is one verity in the universe.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Another Savage Subhuman mus shooter

Yeah, obama, this is another of your sons. The lamestream media doesn't show his picture because he's black, and they will avoid showing his web posts identifying him as another dirty mus.  The college president is criminally responsible as it was another college kill zone.  He should hang for this slaughter of innocent people.  obama should hang with him since he is an accessory to the crime by not condemning his black son and fellow mus and instead blaming the tools the mus used to murder.  Better arm up people. Disregard the no guns signs which attract criminals and be prepared to shoot.  Use your common sense and realize that all of these vile mus criminals are what color? Black.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Take down all hallowed Confederate Banners,

Blacks snarled loudly, with accustomed bad manners.

 Liberals hating true Americans’ white race,

Know that blacks will all Southern statues deface,

Demand replacement with statues of black tennis players,

Willed by ignorant immigrant and out-of-state mayors,

With no honor, self-respect, nor sense of American culture,

Just pols with ethics less than those of a vulture.

Opportunistic whores of the left,

Guilty of cowardly heritage theft.

These swinish pols to blacks constantly pandering

Spend their days devoted to Confederate slandering.

Blacks had better begin some self-examination,

Get to work to improve their wealth and their station.

We white Southerners have about had enough,

Of their whining, “I’se a victim,” and wanting free stuff!

Black Ennui

Are you as tired of blacks as I am?  I am sick of blacks rioting each time one of their beloved black thugs gets wasted by police.  Anyone who is white who lives in Baltimore is really stupid:  the city which is of course run by blacks including the little simpering affirmative action moron attorney general is awarding the family of the total loser Mr. Gray six point four million dollars out of the city coffers.  Blacks of course trashed a section of the city after Gray offed himself and the little black trollop attorney general blamed it on police.  Any time any black experiences self-invoked difficulty, it is someone else's fault.  Blacks are a failed race:  they sold other blacks into slavery.  The slaves were transported to the United States by northern slavers and sold to work in the agricultural South while in the north where blacks were hated, little children worked in sweatshops long hours daily for pittance salaries.  No black slave sold by their black neighbors to the northern slave traders was ever transported to the U.S. under a Confederate Flag--only United States flags.  Northern states were determined that slavery would not be allowed as western states joined the United States since they wanted new territory reserved for whites only, northern whites.  The north waged war against the Confederate South to keep the valuable agricultural South under the thumb of the mercantilist north.  Now blacks want all traces of the South removed from memory:  the ignorant savages deface monuments to Southern heroes and where ignorant affirmative action blacks are in authority they work to have all monuments to Southern heroes removed from public places.  Blacks are loser in this country just as they are in Africa.  Blacks cannot survive without incessant funding from whites.  I am sick of them with their hands out for ever more welfare while they use eavery opportunity to riot and loot like baboons.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The coming of mahdi?  You're shittin' me right?  Forget mythic mahdi, just bring me a toddy!

The coming of Mahdi?

Just bring me a toddy.

Ignorant mus scum

Believe in this bum.

He’s a prophetic joke,

No congenial bloke,

He’ll restore the mus state,

And renew caliphate.

Ignorant murderous ISIS

Innocent Christian necks slices.

Beheading and raping

While videotaping;

These filthy mus scum

Believe they’ll overcome

The world’s greatest nation,

Bringing sharia domination,

Ending civilization,

Creating cultural stagnation.

Killing any not muslim,

As light of progress they dim.

Savage ignorant garbage—

Mus are really retarded—

To believe that they’ll win,

Their run’s stretching thin.

 Jihad we’ll repel;

As was done by Martel,

And with Count Sobieski

Who found the mus pesky,

But he still kicked their asses

This time islam passes

Beyond memory’s ken,

With no recall by men.

So bring me a toddy;

Forget mythic Mahdi.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

A short history of the Vietnam Conflict.

Vitnam, Barry, an inevitable succession?

Lies were told by the liberals:  cowards and fools,

To the college-age kids—the usual tools.

The media lied as accustomed they are,

Old fat lying Walter, the media’s beloved star,

Who had a moustache, a sign of deep knowledge

To all the spoiled brats safely ensconced in college.

On the idiot box screen solemn and grave,

Bad news of the war each evening he gave.

The American public, all the fat motherfuckers

Sat stupid and bland, all the ignorant suckers

Attentive to Walter, they hung on each word

As the prompter rolled out the message—absurd.

We were winning the conflict, Rick Allen and I,

And all the young men who were willing to try

To fight communists, gooners, who were willing to die,

Like all the young Germans, Italians, and Japs,

Young men not heroes, but really just…saps,

All cannon fodder from the three Axis nations

That some college kids’ fathers, the best generation

Slew in great numbers, every war’s end game

Those of us in the Nam had the very same aim, 

But the liberals, the hippies, all irrelevant trash

All busy with Mary Jane, acid and hash,

Couldn’t let a mere war interfere with their pleasure,

Their communes, and Woodstock, and indolent leisure.

So they gathered in masses with the dim college trolls,

Burning their draft cards, and voting in polls

To end the war that our gallant young manhood

Had basically won with their guts and their blood

But old Walter read message that the gooners were winners,

And America lost interest and went back to their dinners

While the vets came back home to hate and abusers

To the lie that we’d lost and were druggies and losers.

Our leader had promised the country we had fought for

That we’d provide the air power; so, they could win their own war,

And we had trained them up well and killed most of their foe,

We left them ready to fight when we had to go.

They could likely have won and maintained their freedom,

But the fools and the cowards in Congress betrayed them

Denying support that we had promised we’d send

The commie’s big general said the gooners’ war had to end,

That his army was on its last legs and they’ have to give in.

The American people sat on their couches, dumb and dim

Lied to by old Walter:  the war we had lost, foretold by him.

We’d lost our first war and our great nation no longer

Was the force in the world to keep freedom stronger,

Keeping tyrants and terrorists at bay, under cover

So that all the world’s nations could new freedom discover.

And the haters of liberty, communists in our nation dear

Gained power to elect a foreigner, an enemy, a queer

Who was set up by occult forces to enforce our decline

And allow our own communists to end us in short time.

Now the public is aroused, divided, invaded, and angry

At alien illegals from south and hordes of muslim enemy

Can we replace the betrayers with an American faction

Who will undo all of the destructive criminal action

Of the ringer who’s part black which scares everyone

From reversing the damage and destruction he’s done.

Or will our people blindly embrace our downfall

As droves walk quietly by to stare at the wall.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Transubstantiation?  Do the damn fools realize they admit being cannibals?

Eating Jesus

Transmagiciation, or my imagination, makes Jesus meat.

The Priest in alabaster robes, shakes about the smoke,

disinviting Lucifer, from sitting down to eat.

My mind charged to confess cartoon icon invoke,

“Carve off a leg;” “Give me the thigh:” My little cherub squeals,

snagging skimpy fishfood--the holiest of meals.

“Now fill the cup with blood!” the cannibals all cry--

he suffered on the cross; so, we shan’t have to die.

Impaired god-fearing fiends design to thus arise,

and sit beside the King, anon, …

with eternal glassy eyes.

Life in the Universe besides on planet Earth?  Are you kidding?  Of course there is;  and they are out there right now.

Serious or Siriusly?

Are they out there you ask

The reply is you betcha

When they finish their task

They might come and getcha.

We have spotted their ships

 Reports manifold, insist on our credence,

Countless radar blips--

We can’t deny their existence.

Over and over, they are seen everywhere

Throughout the night sky

Twisting, turning, or hovering in air

Seen by keen observers, like pilots who fly

But governments all scoff:  “no they’re not there

Just bureaucrats all, to control they deny

What people are seeing all the time, everywhere.

They appoint coverup panels, their effort to lie

Supposedly they don’t want the people to fear

Never trust politicians, they every one try

To keep truth from the public, make issues unclear,

Their motives are suspect, truth we most agree;

Them we cannot trust; they are up to no good

But there is no denying what so many see,

We would love to make contact if we but could.

So, yes, they are out there; they don’t trust our leaders,

For they know that most all of them are bottom feeders.

If mankind could grow up they might make contact

But that doesn’t seem forthcoming, so they hold back.

They could possibly save us from our self-destruction:

They are watching and waiting--until our warring is done!