Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Black Ennui

Are you as tired of blacks as I am?  I am sick of blacks rioting each time one of their beloved black thugs gets wasted by police.  Anyone who is white who lives in Baltimore is really stupid:  the city which is of course run by blacks including the little simpering affirmative action moron attorney general is awarding the family of the total loser Mr. Gray six point four million dollars out of the city coffers.  Blacks of course trashed a section of the city after Gray offed himself and the little black trollop attorney general blamed it on police.  Any time any black experiences self-invoked difficulty, it is someone else's fault.  Blacks are a failed race:  they sold other blacks into slavery.  The slaves were transported to the United States by northern slavers and sold to work in the agricultural South while in the north where blacks were hated, little children worked in sweatshops long hours daily for pittance salaries.  No black slave sold by their black neighbors to the northern slave traders was ever transported to the U.S. under a Confederate Flag--only United States flags.  Northern states were determined that slavery would not be allowed as western states joined the United States since they wanted new territory reserved for whites only, northern whites.  The north waged war against the Confederate South to keep the valuable agricultural South under the thumb of the mercantilist north.  Now blacks want all traces of the South removed from memory:  the ignorant savages deface monuments to Southern heroes and where ignorant affirmative action blacks are in authority they work to have all monuments to Southern heroes removed from public places.  Blacks are loser in this country just as they are in Africa.  Blacks cannot survive without incessant funding from whites.  I am sick of them with their hands out for ever more welfare while they use eavery opportunity to riot and loot like baboons.

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