Saturday, September 19, 2015

The coming of mahdi?  You're shittin' me right?  Forget mythic mahdi, just bring me a toddy!

The coming of Mahdi?

Just bring me a toddy.

Ignorant mus scum

Believe in this bum.

He’s a prophetic joke,

No congenial bloke,

He’ll restore the mus state,

And renew caliphate.

Ignorant murderous ISIS

Innocent Christian necks slices.

Beheading and raping

While videotaping;

These filthy mus scum

Believe they’ll overcome

The world’s greatest nation,

Bringing sharia domination,

Ending civilization,

Creating cultural stagnation.

Killing any not muslim,

As light of progress they dim.

Savage ignorant garbage—

Mus are really retarded—

To believe that they’ll win,

Their run’s stretching thin.

 Jihad we’ll repel;

As was done by Martel,

And with Count Sobieski

Who found the mus pesky,

But he still kicked their asses

This time islam passes

Beyond memory’s ken,

With no recall by men.

So bring me a toddy;

Forget mythic Mahdi.

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