Friday, September 30, 2011

Who cares about the packaging? We're interested in content.

Herman Cain says that a third of black Americans will vote for him if he is the Republican Candidate.  He believes they will vote for him because of his policies, not because he is black.  Unfortunately history shows us otherwise:  blacks freed O. J. Simpson who was obviously guilty of the savage murder of two people--white people.  Blacks tend to act like a borg;  the huge majority of blacks voted for obongo just because they think he is black--actually he is a mulatto.  It is sad that the black population thinks and acts like juveniles on the whole.  I have said to two of the black people whom I respect more than any other public fugures:  Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell that it is past time for blacks to grow up.  I'll happily vote for Herman Cain if he ends up the candidate.  I could care less about his skin color--he is a man of principle, competence, intelligence, and courage.  He would make a fine President in my humble opinion.  Even Joe Shit the ragman would be better than the ape in the White House.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Eeny, meany, miney--Herman?

Romney is a RINO.  He burdened Massachusetts with Romneycare which is bankrupting the state as obongocare will bankrupt the nation if not repealed.  He is a Mormon--too freaky--almost Scientology freaky.  Rick Perry is flaming out.  Michele Bachman has flamed out.  Herman Cain is a smart man of good convictions who has lead companies to profitability, but he has no governing experience;  is that a liability or an asset?  The rest?:  Huntsman another freaky Mormon and a FOO (friend of obongo).  Thumbs down--not a Conservative.  Ron Paul?  A true American.  A very smart man even though too libertarian, but will the hoi-poloi who vote support him?  Chris Cristy?  Too fat;  he must lose three hundred pounds before he runs for President--he looks like the typical American.  Our President needs to look like a Frenchman.  Sarah Palin?  My first choice:  smart, a courageous leader, a woman (my wife and daughter as well as Margaret Thatcher convince me that it is time for a woman--not a Condi Rice pseudowoman--a real knockem down and kick 'em if they mess with her woman free of stupid liberal inanity who likes men, not other women).  Sarah is too smart to run.  Newt?  Old news. Did I miss anyone?  Paul Ryan isn't running--the only one with a plan (besides Herman).  Maybe it is time for a black President.  An American black President who is black, and who is smart, not stupid and who is black, not a friggin high yella cur dog Kenyan.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mus to execute man for apostrophe. This is why I say they cannot be trusted period.

Now I am no great fan of Christianity, but Christians as an identifiable group aren't murdering people around the world every day;  mus are.  This is a repudiation of liberals who fawn over mus because mus are savage stupid brutal mindless slaves of the mullets and their prophet was a child molester among other disgusting character flaws.  These are the people liberals adore.  The mullets in Iran have decided to murder a Christian pastor for the crime of being a Christian.  He didn't hump some other guys ass;  he didn't rob anyone or hurt anyone, he just has the insane belief that some big manager in the sky watches over him and listens to his thoughts.  Even some pathetic so-called Conservatives say we should not lump all mus together because it is only islamists or jeehawdists, or some other splinter group of mus who murder cartoonists who draw funny pictures of mo-hanmade.  Only Wo-hobbies or Sunnys or Shit-tites who are murderous, but I see the savage murderous degenerate primitive mus all over committing acts of barbaric nature.  Think about it:  their operations manual is savage, degenerate, murderous and primitive;  if they believe their little Mow-like book how are they supposed to act otherwise?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hamster packers and the Hersey Highway

Yesterday I wrote to a fellow Marine that it is certainly a gay new Corps.  Almost seventy percent of combat Marines declared that having butt humpers in their unit who openly espoused their sickness would be detrimental to unit cohesiveness and effectiveness.  Again liberals choose sickness, twisted depravity over the purpose of our military forces:  protecting the people of our Constitutional Republic.  That is what liberals do:  promote depravity.  Homos are estimated expertly to number somewhere between two and four percent maximum of our populace.  But they have been elevated to such prominence by liberals that the hoi poloi believe they number about a fourth of us.  That is the power of the lying sick homo infested media.  The proles have come to accept fags as just another favored minority group.  They should all be made to watch Sasha Cohen's brilliant Bruno which clearly shows how totally twisted fags are.  They are diseased just like any psychoneurotic is.  The way of the homo is completely unnatural.  All life forms have one overweening urge and that is the necessity of passing on DNA from one generation to the next.  Fags cannot do this.  Humping some other guys ass is not procreative in any way, just twisted disgusting degenerate lust.  The rectum is not a sex organ.  Lesbos?  Just butt ugly obese unfeminine pathetic creatures for the most part, like Ellen Degenerate, who cannot form natural relationships with men.  Lesbos are nonpenetrating losers who kinda play at sex instead of having a normal relationship with a  man.  Sexual desire which nature designed to enhance procreation is totally different from the lust of the lesbian who can only procreate unnaturally by artificial insemination like the cattle industry inseminates cows.  Dr. James David Manning says president Zero is a fag.  I believe it.  He has looked like a fag from day one to me with his effete feminine mannerisms. He is a black hole of perversity:  if something is twisted and depraved, he is right there for it.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

No Affirmative Action For Murder--Sometimes

Yeah, O.J. murdered two people.  Slaughtered two people.  He walked thanks to a black jury.  The blacks thought it more important that a brother murderer walk than that justice be served.  What does that say to you?  Well think about it.  Troy Davis didn't get his affirmative action.  He didn't get his pass.  Blacks get passed in high school.  They get admitted to college and graduate schools that they are not qualified for  They get jobs because they are black, not because they are good workers.  How do I know?  Because I have two white sons who are asked by black co-"workers", "why do you work so hard?' As they stand around and watch my two tasmanian devils get 'er done as we are taught to do since we have identifiable fathers who have lived with us and taught us.  No Troy Davis did not get his affirmative action murder passed.  He got smoked.  Great Success!  Despite the ubiquitous amoral racist Al Sharpton showing up with a thousand or so black savages expecting affirmative action for Mr. Troy who murdered a man for absolutely no reason except that he is black so he thought it was o.k.  Georgia did the right thing and rid the world of a savage subhuman menace who would never offer society anything but mindless mayhem.  After fourteen years at public expense and every dirty legal trick to try to save this animal, he is worm's meat.  Oh, by the way---how long did it take my two young sons to get jobs?  Less than two weeks. They don't think it o.k. to make excuses and apply for jobless benefits and welfare.  They don't get scholarships based on their skin color.  They have to earn the grades they get.  There was a time when there was totally unwarranted and unfair prejudice which needed righting.  That was sixty years ago.  There has been time enough for the downtrodden to lift themselves up.  They have been given every opportunity and failed for the most part to grab the gold ring and run with it.  They just expect more handouts.  Time to level the playing field for all.

Mus--bathe them in bacon grease then light them up!

There are swinish cowardly freaks who do not know what courage is.  They are so base that they state that it took courage for the gutless greasy little mus to fly planes into buildings full of innocent people going about their daily business.  These lily-livered gutless cowardly swine are of course liberals.  That went without saying.  The little greasy loser mus terrorists who killed innocent people on 9/11 were just like all the other terrorist mus which is to say just like all mus in my opinion.  Did you not see the videos of mus all over the world shouting with mindless stupid mus glee and shooting off their AK-47's which mus seem to own even if they cannot feed or educate their offspring as they dwell in their offal ridden arab stinkholes?  Liberals of course treat mus as chosen people to be protected for their crimes against humanity.  That is because liberals are sick and twisted and adore the grossest, darkest, most disgusting deranged ideas and actions.  That is what defines liberals.  Mus will all be suspect until they start taking down the so-called jihadists themselves--cleaning out their own closets and showing that they don't believe their own religious prophet's savage, depraved, religious teachings.

President Zero

Rick Perry is not my pick.  My pick is Sarah Palin.  She is smarter than Perry.  I think she is more honest than Perry.  I don't think she has Perry's inate MCP attitude and associated arrogance. She's religious, but at least she does not espouse a freaky religion like Mormonism so she is definitely better than the RINO Romney.  However, Perry is so infinitely better than obongo that anyone with the slightest bit of intelligence will replace President Zero, as Perry has dubbed obongo, with Perry.  Those of you who were blankly stupid last time around can make up for your brainless assininity this time around.  If you even contemplate voting for President Zero again, you cannot learn;  KILL YOURSELF!