Sunday, October 4, 2015

Liberals Lie

One thing is for certain: no equivocation, no relativistic subterfuge from what suffices for the liberal mind--so long as liberals operate the media and have strong representation in our government, we will be lied to. That is fact. The one thing that liberals can be counted on is their lying twenty-four seven all the time. They lie. Lincoln lied about emancipation: he did not free the slaves; he declared slaves in the South to be free which was a chimera. Lincoln was a liar. He only wished to subjugate the agricultural South to the will of the mercantilist north which exploited children and women. The filthy cripple liberal Roosevelt? He knew Japan intended to attack Pearl Harbor. His absolute failure as a President was rescued from clear historical record by our necessary intervention in the Second World War. Roosevelt is responsible for the deaths of innumerable Jews as he would not allow their immigration into the U.S. American Jews are blindly stupid in their adherence to the hideous antifreedom party of the democrats. These are two obvious examples of lying liberals. Liberals lie. That is one verity in the universe.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Another Savage Subhuman mus shooter

Yeah, obama, this is another of your sons. The lamestream media doesn't show his picture because he's black, and they will avoid showing his web posts identifying him as another dirty mus.  The college president is criminally responsible as it was another college kill zone.  He should hang for this slaughter of innocent people.  obama should hang with him since he is an accessory to the crime by not condemning his black son and fellow mus and instead blaming the tools the mus used to murder.  Better arm up people. Disregard the no guns signs which attract criminals and be prepared to shoot.  Use your common sense and realize that all of these vile mus criminals are what color? Black.