Friday, November 18, 2011


Listen up you arrogant yankee bastards:  you think because you won, that everything is just fine now and that we (Southerners--true Southerners who have not discarded our heritage) all acquiesce to your delusion of superiority?  We killed you at a ratio of more than two to one.  The only reason that our kill ratio is not higher is that I was not there.  My kill ratio in Vietnam was greater than 200 to 0 so I feel safe in making that claim.  You dumb bastards believe in the myth that we fought to keep black slaves in shackles.  Stupids!  The vast majority of us did not own slaves.  We fought because you murderous savage scum invaded our homeland.  You ravaged our nation and stole everything that we owned.  Northern "antique shops" are filled with beautiful treasures that you swine ripped off our ancestors.  Do I hate you for being from the north?  No, I only hate you if you are one of the unAmerican , antiAmerican liberals who I would gut in front of your foul spawn with glee.  Then I would gut them, to make sure that you didn't leave any liberal legacy behind.  This is my country, not yours;  you did not fight for the freedom that my ancestors who fought in the revolution bled for.  I fought under the Stars and Stripes, but I fought as a Southerner first.  Stick your smug yankee arrogance up your ass!  I am an American, a Southern American.  Don't forget it.  I have killed better men than you--a lot of them.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sucking in the Sixties: liberals and their darlings--homos.

Somehow it breaks my heart to have the incredible record of Joe Paterno dashed into the dirt.  How could he have allowed the stinking faggot Jerry Sandusky to continue to molest little boys.  Yep, another faggot sucking little 11 year old boys' dicks.  Friends of mine say, "not all child predators are faggots."  Yeah they are.  Faggots like little boys.  They would like to have laws passed allowing them to molest little boys.  The way our society is going with its absolute propensity for moral relativity it will come to pass.  I could not be on active duty in this day of fags openly mincing sround in our Marine Corps.  Before the liberals pushed fags all over us, a fag in my Corps looking at my ass would have been eating his teeth.  But our sissified society allows fags to adopt little boys so they have their own personal little victims to molest in the comfort of their own homes.  It might not have been completely Joe's fault that he didn't report Sandusky;  liberals have twisted things so much that he might have been accused of being "bigoted" or "prejudiced" had he instituted any proceedings against Sandusky.  He should have done it anyhow, right away, no matter how the liberals would have skewered him.  Liberals love queers just as they love obongo and anything else twisted and depraved.  Decent people are often fearful of speaking out.  That is another problem that we must overcome.  We must call liberals what they are:  criminals, perverts, democrats, amoral bottom feeders.