Monday, May 25, 2015

Is All Hope Lost

That I do not watch network television makes me a most unusual anomaly. When in an airport where televisions blare out their government propaganda in continuous unremitting spew of garbage, I realize why the American population is so degraded and banal:  Judge Judy? Or some black judge with his faux supplicants and an audience with a total combined IQ less than that of Forest Gump.  MSNBC with the depraved faggot Rachel Maddow? Or perhaps she is on NBC or CBS, who knows.  Who care?  Supposedly the average American watches this bile for four or more hours a day--seven sticks in mind.  No wonder this is a stupid nation.  Half the popultaion is on the government teat.  There is no shame in these parasites, these leeches.  Food stamps might embarrass the parasites so they have what look like credit cards, but where the productive half of our population must pay our credit card bills, this human sludge gets its bills paid by us also.  The housing bubble?  Little lisping anus licking Barney Frank made certain that nigs got big expensive homes to live in for awhile until the banks repossessed them;  the nigs never had the slightest intention of paying their mortgage payments.  We're nigs;  we don't pay for anything.  We hang out in the projects and wait for an excuse to riot and loot.  Some say a revolution is coming.  Good.  It will give us old white people time to clean house:  nigs, mexicans, and especially muslims.