Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Niggers, bitches--male and female, haters, lliberals--oh that is redundant!

Niggers, brack obama, little filthy eric holder, al "feces" sharpton, je$$e jack$on, and bitches: angela corey and all of the so-called MSM including what passes for males are guilty of criminal activity resulting in a completely innocent man George Zimmerman being tried for a crime he did not commit.  What George Zimmerman, a conscientious neighbor and neighborhood watch volunteer in a neighborhood thoroughly terrorized by nigger looters, did was to defend himself against a big vulgar stupid thieving drug-dealing, dope-smoking foul-mouthed misogynistic savage piece of subhuman garbage who assaulted him.  To distract the American Idol watching public from all of his criminal activity:  IRS thugs bullying at his order, American Ambassador and American heroes in Benghazi murdered by his mus Brothers, NSA snooping and violating 4th Amendment on his watch, BATFE giving guns to mexican drug lords on the order of his butt brother little eric holder, stuttering barry sotero mounted a media supported attack on an innocent man who in the final analysis was so innocent that six women on a jury could not find a way to make him guilty.  The queer muslim foreign-born obama said that the thug trash who attacked George Zimmerman looked like him which is certainly true since he was just another lowlife low-functioning barely human scumbag.