Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thoughts on Dr. Ben Carson's Address at the 2013 Prayer Breakfast

That any of the leftist amoral slime of the national media would criticize Dr. Ben Carson shows how totally debased they and their sick twisted thought processes are.  The troll Barry Sotero sat onstage with his stupid insipid baboon grin while Dr. Carson stated clearly the real problems that this country is enmired in due to the fact that half of this modern population is ensared in the democrat created slavery of the liberal plantation.  A liberal plantation enlarged immensely due to the ill-conceived and possibly treasonous policies of the aforementioned little man Barry Sotero whose only noteworthy real accomplishment in his shabby life was the large amount of marijuana he smoked when he was supposedly attending college where he gained no knowledge, obviously, for he is intensely notably stupid.