Thursday, January 19, 2012

Are we to soon refresh the Tree of Liberty?

How long have we been waiting to flush the filth from our government?  Since the election of the totally fraudulent bit of human feces calling himself Obama.  He is a completely empty suit.  He is a dirty joke created by socialist/Marxist enemies of our Constitutional Republic.  He has never done one useful thing in his twisted irrelevant existence:  there are no documents from his college or law school years to show that he is worthy of the slightest bit of respect.  His criminal Chicago thugs made it possible for him to become a Senator from Chicago and he did nothing except vote, "present."  He supposedly was a Constitutional scholar and teacher, but University of Chicago records prove that he was nothing more than a second-rate substitute teacher.  He was a "community organizer"--an agitator of the Saul Alinsky model seeking largesse from producers to give to nonproducers.  Why has the fact that the State of Illinois disbarred him from the practice of law not been publicized?  He lost his law license as did the ugly harridan to whom he is supposedly "married"(the Reverand James David Manning as well as others make creditable claims that Obama is queer as a three dollar bill).  The Conservative majority of decent Americans impatiently await the opportunity to use the ballot box to free our country from the usurpation of this Kenyan garbage which seeks to destroy everything our people have believed in for the two hundred plus year of our existence.  If we do not flush the walking turd from our White House along with multiple enemies in our Congress, we are almost certainly destined for a real civil war to reclaim the government which has been in the process of decline and perversion since the tyrannical freak Lincoln instigated the misnamed Civil War which was actually the War for Southern Independence.