Monday, August 15, 2011

The Borg

Just to elaborate a little bit, then I shall divert to another subject.  Our country which was once great, where men had the ability to make decisions and stick to them as President Reagan did now is afflicted with the liberal miasma of political correctness where few people besides Ann Coulter will state the truth and then not contort themselves in effort to apologize and appease the liberal mob which will send up a shrill cacaphony of accusations and name-calling.  Liberals are bullies and as John Ransom so cleverly pointed out they are a Borg.  The fear of liberals has our military leadership encumbering our warriors with ROE--rules of engagement which makes it difficult to kill our enemies effectively.  I denounce this because liberals almost never serve in our armed forces since they are abject cowards;  if they do serve, they manage to cage jobs far behind the lines of engagement.  I was in Vietnam when Lt. Calley wiped out the Viet Cong village of My Lai.  I would have done the same thing.  I would have killed women and children and dogs and cats and goldfish.  The entire village was Viet Cong sympathizers.  The old toothless hag women had AK-47's and were killing Americans.  The dirty little VC children had AK-47's and were killing Americans.  The gutless Army scum allowed liberals to use My Lai to forward their efforts against the war.  The Army scapegoated Lt. Calley.  Liberals have tried in retrospect to denigrate the pilot of the Enola Gay.  That is how liberals operate.  They create faux heroes like Rosa Parks and Martin King;  neither was a hero.  Liberals are the enemy of our Constitutional Republic;  they are actively recruiting mexican and muslim hordes to bring down our country.  Those of you who have even a limited ability to think and who enjoy the freedom that many of our warriors have purchased at the highest price had better get real and send the liberals back to their fetid holes.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Who knew we are so few?

On killing sounded like something I needed to read.  The first four chapters were forced reading for me.  I did not believe that I am that much different from everyone else--somewhat different, I am Mensan.  I just finished Chapter Five and if Grossman is correct, I am very different from everyone else.  I am a sheepdog.  Read my book To Cratisto:  I spent my childhood fighting bullies, not usually in my own defense, but in defense of others who should have been more capable of defending themselves than I was.  The Marine Corps trained me well;  I was an exceedingly efficient killer in Vietnam.  I did not enjoy killing enemy, but by definition enemy are to be killed, and I always try to perform at the limit of my ability.  Now I am a doctor.  Not content to be just another doctor I have both medical and dental training:  M.D. and D.M.D.  I am a reasonably good doctor for I respond very positively when I am able to help patients.  The fact that I am reasonably good and work hard at excelling excites envy in those of my profession who are not empathetic with patients and who are the second-raters found in all walks of life.  There is an overabundance of second-raters among members of AAOMS.  I still detest bullies:  far too many who are cops, almost all liberals for they are cowards and destroyers of everything that is good.  Liberals are, like almost all cops, liars.  I do not trust muslims;  who causes all the carnage in the world of today?  Not Jews.  Not Catholics--muslim bullies.  Democrats:  they are almost universally liberals which means they are bad people bent on destroying our Constitutional Republic and enslaving everyone in their vile socialistic web of mediocrity, they are bullies.  I have a hard time accepting the banality of the majority of people.  Perhaps if I can accept that I am so very different it will be easier.

On Killing: a total piece of crap

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman has written an entire book trying to prove that soldiers do not want to kill enemy soldiers.  My take is that he is going to an immense effort to hide his personal cowardice.  Read To Cratisto and find what it is really like to be in combat   Grossman was never in combat, but being a psychologist he is preoccupied with his own perceived shortcomings.  That seems to be the motivation of most of the psychotics in psychology including psychiatrists.  Killing another human being is simply a matter of making a cognizant and rational decision of whether or not that person deserves to die.  If the person is an opponent in war the decision is already made:  if you don't kill him or her, he or she will kill you.  If you are attacked by an asocial criminal there is no problem making the decision to kill him if you can;  you kill him to protect yourself or loved ones or innocent bystanders who do not have your capacity to act.  Grossman is just another liberal coward in the uniform of our warriors.  He is a sheep, not a sheepdog.  Granted there are sheep in uniforms, but most of us who have worn uniforms of our warrior class never had the slightest difficulty killing the enemy.  We don't lose sleep over it either.  This cowardly little liberal girlyman Grossman also takes the opportunity to disrespect Lt. Calley.  It is no surprise that he does so for that is how cowards act.  Calley got tired of the VietCong shooting his men every time they went on patrol past the crappy little gooner village of My Lai.  Lt. Calley became tired of writing letters to mothers of his men who were killed by the filthy Viet Cong in My Lai.  Calley and his men went in to the village and wiped out the Viet Cong.  I would have joined in gladly were I there.  I wiped out my own Viet Cong villages.  Calley was sacrificed to the shrill cowardly liberals by the Army which has a history of doing so.  There are many liberal cowards like Grossman in the big overstuffed U.S. Army.