Saturday, December 3, 2011

No apology needed.

Well, you might be thinking that I got a little carried away with our northern bretheren and may be feeling somewhat contrite.  Don't bet on it.  My wonderful wife has spent almost thirty years attempting to tame me and civilize me and feminize me to no avail.  I am a hunter killer.  I only hunt and kill the ultimate game.  If the revolution comes;  if onbongo makes us take up arms, I shall have my work cut out for me:  liberals, mus, mexicans living here uninvited, thugcops, and more.  I am up to it.  I believe there are a lot more of us out here than the liberals count on.  If the tyrants push us too far, we are going to refresh the tree of liberty and decrease the surplus population.  We are the sheepdogs.  My alter-ego is a healer who spends his working hours reducing the burden of all who come to him.  One of my best friends is now a judge.  Not one of those who frees pederasts in the state of Vermont.  Another is a tavern owner who provides refuge and succor to all who enter there.  We are everywhere in this society which as Walter Williams has pointed out has become, soft, self-serving and undeserving with the occupiers emblematic of the excesses created by the loser liberal lesbos and feminazis.  A youth which has been told that everyone who plays is equally valid, which does not recognize winners and losers and which does not respect excellence and is thus envious and covetous of the achievement of the hard-working winners who excel.  That is what the occupy dregs are about:  "give me something."  My self-esteem based on nothing achieved requires unearned tribute.  Stand out in the cold until you freeze dregs.  O:ccupy empty space but remain out of our way;  we have work to do.