Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This blogging business is difficult for anyone who has a useful productive life.  Just writing something for continuity is a waste of my time as well as that of anyone who is a follower.  I have had my say about the fool on the hill--the little nappy headed Kenyan queer mus communist who occupies the venerable White House of this nation which he despises along with the huge black african savage ignorant cow with which he resides in our White House befouling it with his Africaninity.  A despicable black african cow with absolutely nothing going for her--everything that she is and enjoys is a product of affirmative action and extortion of funds from American taxpayers.  She is a vicious contemptible hater, a racist nigger who despises white people which she can never be one of and who have provided her with all of the expensive travel and clothing and entertainment for which she is not the least bit grateful.  She should be holding a "SLOW" sign at one end of a highway work zone;  that is the extent of her ability.  Her niglettes?  They will be self-involved useless elitist trash assured of their worth by the adoring liberals who would die to suck their little black toes thus demonstrating their devotion to diversity and their multiculti meaningless adulation of everything that is ugly, twisted, sick, revolting, and depraved.  The liberal:  a creation of some large land animal like a hippopotomus which blows liberals out of its bunghole after a wet fetid meal of muddy masticated cud.