Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm obama'd out. He's like a flaming hemorrhoid.

I'm obama'd out.  He's like a flaming hemorrhoid.

The twisted sick disgusting little shallow insipid stupid affirmative action empty suit muslim foreign-born homosexual dicksucker narcissist communist infesting our White House is emblematic of all that is ugly, pernicious, small, mean, self-serving in humanity:  he is in a word the ultimate liberal.  obama and the huge sow that he inhabits our White House with must go.  He has dominated life in this country for way too long.  He is the fart in a closed room that has no outlet.  He lingers in our country befouling everything that he contacts.  He is a disease that we need to overcome and rid ourselves of.  The musli that is our journalistic cadre--the "news" commentators who adore their manufactured vision of obama need to be ignored--if we do not pay attention to them they will virtually cease to exist;  they are nothing but figments of our own imagination and if we put them out of our mind they will actually disappear. What is left of decent hard-working ethical intelligent humanity in our country needs to turn to the takers--the slaves of the liberal democrats and tell them to get jobs, that we are not going to support their lazy stupid asses any longer.  They will get no more subprime loans, food stamps, free emergency room care, free heat in the winter, free food for their spawn.  They must support themselves or just die as happens throughout the entire animal kingdom when animals do not take care of themselves.  I am tired of all of the hypocritical malaise of the liberals.  I'll take care of my family and any others in my immediate vicinity who need help.  You all do the same and we'll all be much better off.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Give Us Liberty or Give Them Death

We are weeks away from an election that will see this country go into a terrible state of decline or a recovery from the depredations of a foreigner, a ringer named Barry Sotero who was not vetted by the Republicans who betrayed their duty to protect the Constitution and their population whom they purportedly represent and allowed this sneaky corrupt communist fourth-rater to be subversively introduced into the presidential campaign running against an aged untrustworthy old fool whom no one liked or trusted.  The same mindless population of blacks, lowlife whites including liberals, college students who cannot see past their crotches, Jews who are such a hardwired group that they vote democrat regardless of how venal that pol, and any other fairly useless group of noncontributing American Idol watching takers all of whom make up about half of our present day population will have an opportunity to put this simpering queer muslim communist America-hating scumbag back in our White House.  Hopefully if the walking Soylent Green in our population succeed in reinstating the piece of walking feces named obama a good American will step forward to clean up things.  Either way, the savage subhuman element in our population will likely see an opportunity to riot and pillage as they do at any opportunity to break into liquor stores and any store selling large-screen televisions.  Since this element have usurped occupancy of our national Capital, it is likely that we will see early mass riots of these savages there and since the D.C. cops are mostly of the same complexion, they will stand impotently and watch the animals run wild as they have done in previous cities.  In case these zombies spill over into your community with their depraved criminal assaults, have your magazines filled and put two rounds center mass in each one.  Silver bullets will not be necessary, just good tactical quality personal defense rounds.