Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Take down all hallowed Confederate Banners,

Blacks snarled loudly, with accustomed bad manners.

 Liberals hating true Americans’ white race,

Know that blacks will all Southern statues deface,

Demand replacement with statues of black tennis players,

Willed by ignorant immigrant and out-of-state mayors,

With no honor, self-respect, nor sense of American culture,

Just pols with ethics less than those of a vulture.

Opportunistic whores of the left,

Guilty of cowardly heritage theft.

These swinish pols to blacks constantly pandering

Spend their days devoted to Confederate slandering.

Blacks had better begin some self-examination,

Get to work to improve their wealth and their station.

We white Southerners have about had enough,

Of their whining, “I’se a victim,” and wanting free stuff!

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