Monday, July 13, 2015

Life in the Universe besides on planet Earth?  Are you kidding?  Of course there is;  and they are out there right now.

Serious or Siriusly?

Are they out there you ask

The reply is you betcha

When they finish their task

They might come and getcha.

We have spotted their ships

 Reports manifold, insist on our credence,

Countless radar blips--

We can’t deny their existence.

Over and over, they are seen everywhere

Throughout the night sky

Twisting, turning, or hovering in air

Seen by keen observers, like pilots who fly

But governments all scoff:  “no they’re not there

Just bureaucrats all, to control they deny

What people are seeing all the time, everywhere.

They appoint coverup panels, their effort to lie

Supposedly they don’t want the people to fear

Never trust politicians, they every one try

To keep truth from the public, make issues unclear,

Their motives are suspect, truth we most agree;

Them we cannot trust; they are up to no good

But there is no denying what so many see,

We would love to make contact if we but could.

So, yes, they are out there; they don’t trust our leaders,

For they know that most all of them are bottom feeders.

If mankind could grow up they might make contact

But that doesn’t seem forthcoming, so they hold back.

They could possibly save us from our self-destruction:

They are watching and waiting--until our warring is done!

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