Sunday, July 12, 2015

Nigs attacking old white people from behind; now we have filthy greaser mexican scum killilng white people.

Calling Kermit Gosnell!  Anyone seen Kermit?

White people you better get your carry permit and learn to shoot.  Not long ago it was popular for dirty little nig trash to run up behind little old white ladies and hit them in the head.  Nigs are not known for courage and would not attack a little old white lady head on.

Now we have dirty mexican scum, illegal aliens shooting white Americans in broad daylight.  Nothing is done about it.  The fag liberals in "sanctuary cities" harbor the mexican criminals since liberals love anything dirty, depraved, or vile--like mexican criminals and fags.

The time has come for decent Americans to arm and fight back.  Shoot this filth down in the streets.  The nigs and mexicans breed like any vermin--like rats or roaches.  Where is Kermit Gosnell when we need him?

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