Sunday, July 12, 2015



Every surgeon of every surgical specialty has a fag tale.  Excuse the pun.  I refuse to call these twisted psychotics gay.  Gay is a useful word that means happy. The pervs have usurped this perfectly good word to try to give their perversion acceptability.  It is kind of like calling the Viet Cong gooners so we could kill them without regret except in this case it is the use of a pleasant word to describe something sick and unpleasant and make it acceptable to the public.  The pc’ers want us to accept this mental disease either because they are fags themselves, or just because they hate the normal majority and espouse anything that goes against the grain and is abnormal.  The liberal pc pretenders and the homosexuals continually try to gain acceptance of sexual aberration.  They continually try to overestimate the penetration of this sickness in society to validate it or give it some kind of credibility by saying that ten percent of the population is queer when multiple independent authoritative studies estimate between two and four percent of the population have abnormal sexual tendencies.  The homosexuals try to legislate acceptance by laws making marriage between individuals of the same sex legitimate.  Unacceptable as this is to the vast majority of normal people the homosexuals and their liberal handlers relentlessly work towards making perversion acceptable even when it is not.  The purveyors of perversion sneak it into textbooks for schoolchildren in an effort to brainwash kids into believing that homosexuality is ok.  They try to get the legislators who are always looking for some vocal minority group to pander to, to pass laws making any criticism of homos “hate crime.”  The great majority of the population do not hate homosexuals, but we certainly do not condone their disgusting perversions.

            A friend of Tom’s, who was an Otolaryngology (ENT) Resident at Tulane, recounts the story of the Tulane professor who showed up in the emergency room with an incredible length of green garden hose shoved up his anus.  A prominent Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon began his presentation at a seminar with a slide of a Budweiser bottle which appeared to be coated with chocolate.  Initially that it seemed kind of clever, like chocolate covered ants.  You guessed it.  It was not chocolate and it disgusted Tom  after a few seconds when he realized that this was a fag story.  The caption on the accompanying slide was the slogan used by the beer company in their ads at one time, “this Bud’s for you.” Tom’s favorite fag story, of the big girly fag that showed up in the Duke ER, when he was the anesthesia resident on call one night.  The fag had a sixty watt light bulb in his rectum.  Anyone who attempts to convince us that introducing an electric light bulb into his ass is a variation of any kind of normal sex is not going to arouse much support or empathy among the greatest number of the population, anyone with the least bit of intelligence.  One of Tom’s good friends, a surgeon in Atlanta, did a fellowship in anesthesia at a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida.  He said it was so common for fags to come into the emergency room there with dead rodents in their rectums that the residents all came to call them, “hamster packers.”  Makes one wonder why the PETA freaks don’t spray paint the fags instead of hounding old ladies with ranch-raised mink coats.  Probably because the PETA freaks are all packers themselves.  But the queers say they just have a different sexual preference.  Lightbulbs?  Small animals?  Garden hose?  Beer bottles?  I’ll say their preference is different.  I also state bluntly that homosexuals are not just a variation of normal.  They are abnormal.  All of the sexual predators seem to be homosexuals.  Many of them don’t care what sex they prey upon as long as they are defenseless little children.  All of the Catholic Priests who assaulted all of the little Catholic boys for years were homosexuals.  What makes us think they’ve stopped?   Sexual predators are notorious for repeating their offenses.  The American Psychiatric Association is to a great extent responsible for the increase in perversion by attempting to increase its acceptability, calling it a variation of normal.  I believe they did so because so many of them are off-kilter and probably queer.  Some sicko liberal judge in Vermont gave a hideous sex offender a sixty day sentence for repeatedly raping a six year old boy.  I hold the boy’s dad responsible.  I would have gutted the creep by now, after I slowly disarmed him.  I believe we should disarm rapists.  Child molesters should be lobotomized.  The day that they are set free they repeat their crimes.  If we lobotomized them we would not have to kill them or support them in jail for a few months, or half their lives in states where they are appropriately sentenced.  They could be useful citizens picking up trash in our cities.  Harsh?  You think that is harsh?  Then you have a problem.  You are undoubtedly a gutless valueless immoral liberal!   Little kids should be left alone.   

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